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State of Georgia, denied unemployment benefits, due to quiting a job

by Leann
(Valdosta, GA)

My husband quit his job, he thought for a just cause, his supervisor had harassed him on several different occasions, however was never documented with any other supervisors. He now has been denied benefits for unemployment, a hearing was held, over the phone the employer did not attend the hearing, but he was still denied. Due to quit for not a good reason, was what was stated in the letter he received. He was laid off from his other job back in February and was receiving unemployment. Hired by a new Company in April began on April 13th and only worked there until May 1st, then quit. He was never trained completely and his supervisor harassed him over every little thing he did incorrectly. I am our only income and it is hard, Is there anything he can do to appeal the denial.

Hi Leann,

Appealing a hearing officer's decision is different than appealing an unemployment initial determination. The appeal must have merit based of an error made by the hearing officer in applying the laws. So if your husband was unable to win an unemployment hearing without the presence or testimony of the employer .. I wouldn't suggest an appeal to the board be something he or you take on yourself. You should probably ask a Georgia employment attorney to look over the decision and let you know if he can see a valid basis for appeal.

I'm not saying it isn't possible, but I am saying it would be a waste of time if you don't get it right or there is no basis.

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