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State of Georgia, Unemployement Appeals Ruling Time Frame When the Employer does not show up for the hearing?

by Tim
(Lithionia, Georgia)

Hi, I had a telephone appeals hearing Monday November 30th 2009 and my former employer did not show up for the hearing. The voice mail for the representative indicated that she was on vacation that day. I've read that these situations generally favor appealing party and the rulinig should take a day or two, however, I checked this moring and no ruling has yet been published. Also, the VP of HR indicated that they would not contest my appeal, however, the Appeals board did not contact this VP. Should I be concerned, even though the employer was a no show at this hearing which was scheduled for 3 weeks?

Hi Tim,

Yes, it is true that when only one party shows up for a hearing it is easier to get a reversal if that's what's going on in your case.

It's not a given though.

I guess what I'm wondering about is how the State of Georgia appeal referee got the employer's phone number since the usual procedure is to have the parties call in the number they will be at for the hearing.

Since you nor I really understand the circumstances of why that person was a no show .. I'd say it's to early to to fret too much .. once the hearing decision comes in the employer will have the regular amount of time to file an appeal to the board with their reasoning for allowing a reopen .. should this happen .. I'd call the VP of HR and ask them to withdraw the appeal .. since they said they wouldn't fight it.


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Dec 04, 2009
My world
by: MIke

Oh how nice it would be if the appeal process was over once the employer decided to no show. This is the same as filing a timely appeal. If you fail to meet the 15 day( In Pa anyway) deadline, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt you had good reason to file late. I think if the employer does not show for any hearing process, it should be considered that the employer no longer wishes to contest. But that's my fantasy world..

It took me 5 days to get a decision after the referee hearing, and i appealed that, so far i have only recieved notice that i appealed. I wouldn't worry about it so much as Chris stated. The employer can appeal at any time as long as it's within the allotted time.

Good Luck,

Hi Mike,

You know what, I talked to a friend who is very knowledgeable about PA about your board appeal.

Now I would really like you to make a comment under your own submission because I have a couple questions to ask you about what you focused on during the appeal hearing.

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