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State of Pa Disregard of standards of behavior

by Michael
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

I was terminated for taking a part with out permission. There was an unwritten policy where employees may take an item and write it on a piece of paper leaving it on the owners desk. I forgot to write it down in my haste to clock out the store was busy that evening. when I came in to work on Wed the owner ask me about the item. I told him what happened . Stated I did not get to the MAc machine( he wants cash) I was terminated . But was told he would not fight unemployment .

Hi Michael,

And .....

You were denied Pennsylvania unemployment benefits? I've assumed this to be true .. because your title uses language that usually just seen on an unemployment benefit denial.

It would be useful to have ALL the "reasoning" every PA determination provides in a list .. usually located in the upper left.

Then I might ask you some relevant questions and suggest why they might have denied your benefits .. given that the employer "didn't fight the unemployment benefits".

I can tell you right now, that I would expect an initial determination denying benefits if you only told them what you told me and even if the employer didn't fight your benefits because you admitted fault instead of focusing on a reason that explains a "mistake".

But also, given what you told me .. I would appeal because there are a couple possible arguments to show this was not "willful misconduct", but a one time isolated instance of a mistake .. of failing to follow an "unwritten rule" which indicates some sort of condoning by the employer of breaking the written rule.

Of course what I don't know .. is if you had ever been warned in written form by the employer not to do this .. or if your employer will testify that you had been spoken to on numerous occasions about this type of behavior.

Details, Details, Details .. but then again .. you shouldn't disclose such specific details on the internet as to identify yourself .. so I removed your last name.

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