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State: Texas . Any difference in speed of getting benefits filing by internet vs. phone?

Just wondering if you had any observations if phone or internet filing made a difference in the speed of getting a decision on benefits? TY


Not really. At least nothing from my own experience as a claimant, but from work in the past I know Texas does have a system in place that allows them to electronically forward claims to employers for responses .. if the employer is capable of receiving them this way .. or their agent. But this doesn't mean that an employer won't take their sweet time responding which always has an effect on how long it takes.

Texas, in my opinion has a very efficient system and moves things along quickly.

If I had to choose though .. I'd do it by internet if possible. Most states allow enough space for better answers to the questions .. and you have the time to "focus" those answers based on your research of your situation.

I think the ability to be as informed as possible about unemployment for your specific situation can help an individual to avoid those mistakes that frequently require them to appeal so they can provide the missing details that were needed for a favorable initial decision in the first place.

I think the internet applications allow for more relevant details.

Of course I also know that if a person is no longer living in the state they file in .. they may be required to apply by phone.

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