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state to state unemployment pay difference

by Lori
(Brooklyn, NY)

I currently receive unemployment benefits and may relocate to Florida. What is the unemployment pay difference between NY and Florida.


If you are currently, receiving benefits from NY, it shouldn't make a difference to the amount of your benefit checks .. because the benefits are being paid based on employment in NY and taxes paid by NY employers.

It's usually just a matter of changing your address with the state of NY.

However, you will probably have to register with the state of Florida once you move and comply with their job search requirements.

But future claims would be subject to Florida's rules and your employment in Florida and that will net a much different maximum amount you'd be able to collect.

The max benefit amounts for the two states in 2010 are NY $405 dollars a week vs. Florida's $275.

All the things to consider regarding monetary qualifications for unemployment benefits can be found by state.

It all can vary widely from state to state, including the qualifying formulas, types of base periods available to use to qualify someone and the wage bases, which is generally, the max amount allowed for any weekly benefit regardless of how much money is earned times 26 .. the usual duration of regular unemployment benefits.

The wage base is the amount of earnings that employers are taxed on for each and every employee .. each year.

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