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stating in an email that I was taking a sick day because the office was making me nuts

Essentially I was fired because I sent an email to another coworker bashing who is now my boss (this email was sent before he was hired & we were asked to give our opinions on all prospective hires, which we did but we also continued the conversation on email), he then read thru all of my emails and found one where I was telling a coworker that the office was making me crazy and I had to take a sick day. I was told when I was terminated that I lied. Even though it was a "mental" health sick day, apparently that didn't count for anything.

There were no warnings or any other previous run-ins. ALl of my work was done on time (boss even admitted) but I did start to "just" do the job as opposed to busting my a$$ and staying overtime as I had in the past. But I also now have 2 kids and alot going on at home.

So, you're saying you were fired for taking an available sick day, but when your boss read an email to someone else saying you were taking the day off because the boss was driving you nuts .. you were fired?

Words like "essentially", phrases like "continued the conversation", "did start to just do the job" lead me to believe there is a lot more going on than what you're telling me.

Facts and the rules .. everything else is a discussion about how to present the truth as facts in a beneficial way and whether the rules present any possible advantage that can be used to your advantage.

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