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by Lori Altman
(Neenah, WI)

I have been an Area Supervisor for a Property Management Co. I was over seeing 205 apartment units. I was also the Manager of a 55 apartments. My job is to oversee the Property Manager's

On March first we hired 2 onsite Manager's for the 62 unit properties. We were just getting them started in their new position and My husband had a stroke on March 3rd.

He was in the hosptal leaving me to care for our 8 yr. old. I, through all this time answered all Manager's questions and ran credit applications. I continued to do showings at the buildings I am fully responsible for.
The new Manager at the 62 unit complex was telling my employer that I was not getting her credit information fast enough.
Beginning April first I was no longer involved with this property. My employer said he was going to let them run it if they failed I can take the property back and be the sole Manager here. The property was purchased in 2006 since we acquired it I have personally Managed the property myself for several months over the years. I was also expected to visit and coordinate things with the on site Manager"s of all other properties. Not to mention the 55 units I was fully responsible for.
Since the 62 unit was taken he said he would keep my rate of pay the same and bring me in on another property. That never happened. when I sent in my
hours I deducted what I would of charged for the 62 unit property. Then the Manager of the 52 units emailed me she was resigning and she thanked me for all my help.
The next email I receive from my employer is
52 units will be mananged by him
10 units will be managed by him
24 units will be managed by him
The 12 unit I was the Property Manager of will be managed by him
He is letting me continue to oversee a 24 unit building and a 21 unit building at a reduced rate from what I was getting all along.
He did say I could keep my 16unit and 27 unit and continue to Manage.
He has taken away a substantial amount of my income.
Can I file for partial unemployment to compensate the wages I am usually paid?
Please let me know.
Thank you,
Lori Altman

Hi Lori,

Yes, you can as long as you were being paid wages and would not be considered self employed. I mention this only because of your statement that said you deducted what you would have "charged" for managing the 62 unit property.

Partial unemployment in Wisconsin is defined in
the 2009 "Monetary Eligibility chartbook - Table 3-8

You first need to approximate the weekly benefit amount you would receive for "total unemployment". This can be done with the information provided in the other tables of the same chartbook.

If you have any trouble figuring this out .. let me know.

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