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still get unemployment if fired for attending emergency lawyer appt?

fired for requesting to miss 4 hours of work to tend to emergency legal matter. it was only my 3rd day of work at ft job.

(told employer details of the emergency before requesting the time off: i had given notice to vacate my apt but new apt not ready and thus needed to stay in current apt but landlord served me eviction papers. i was not being evicted for failure to pay rent or breaking any rules. i had to answer eviction papers or risk having eviction expedited and forced to move out immediately!).

i told employer to just not pay me for the 1st 2 days of work as i did not want to lose my unemployment for being fired and they said ok.

but maybe company is required to pay me by law?

please answer each issue above and asap as i need to file for my UI today to get my money asap!

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