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stress overload resulting in ever increasing physical symptoms

by Cat

I was brought into a role supporting 5 account managers. Prior to a reorg there were 4 coordinators supporting these same 5 AM's. I was continually advised that the workload would be redistributed and also that they had requisitioned another employee to assist, neither occurred.

Days after my final day in the job they hired an assistant and that assistant was kept on even after the replacement for my job was hired. Essentially I feel that by quitting I assisted my replacement by getting them help! Can you help? Xincerely, Cat

Hi Cat,

What's it going to be .. quitting due to intolerable working conditions or due to ever increasing health issues.

You quit.

Tell me what efforts you made to "preserve the employment" by addressing the overworked issues with the employer.

Did you go to a doctor?

Did the doctor advise you to quit?

Did you tell the employer you had seen a doctor because the work was causing you worsening physical symptoms?

What did you do to try to keep this job before you quit.

By the way I don't believe what the employer did after you quit is relevant to why you quit.

You were the moving party so you have the burden of proof to show "just cause" in Ohio for quitting.


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