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Summers off - Do I Have Reasonable Assurance?

I work for the school board and have most of the summer off.

We do not get paid through the summer as I am support staff and not a teacher. Can I collect unemployment for the time I am not working and they terminate the benefits once I start getting paid again?? thank you

Hi, I added the issue that often prevents someone like you from collecting benefits and reasonable assurance is one of those issues that often rendered decisions that didn't always make sense to me.

First, it depends on a state's unemployment statutes regarding those who work for a public school system (special rules apply in many states) and whether you have received "reasonable assurance" of returning to work.

So, the name of the state would be helpful for me to investigate further to see if I can find some state specific resource to help you understand your situation with regard to collecting benefits.

What I can tell you though is that reasonable assurance wasn't always limited to teachers only, as I often noticed in the files of even support staff a letter of reasonable assurance (guaranteed a return to work on a specific date).

The letter transformed what would otherwise be a lack of work claim for a public school employee into a special category of worker, because of state specific laws, i.e., special rules apply for public school system employees.

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