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supervisor sends me naked pictures, and now shes finding ways to fire me

by CY
(san diego,ca)

just want to know if i can have here fired beause of this, also she's been having a misuse of the gas card @ work and the company is aware but wont do anything, im always on time i do my work and i try to be proactive but this concerns me. i've been working for the company for 3 years now and this is the first time i have and issue like this. My supervisor is acting strange around me and giving me mean looks, to the point of not talking to me. i dont mind because i just my job and im out off work, but lately she's been taking pictures of my office complaining im the only one out of the 3 people in the office that has a mess of papers ??? but everyone around my company knows im the one that is organize. my supervisor tends to lock the door to her office and sleep but no one seems to say anything not even our new GM, apparently our supervisor always call the 1-800 # and complains about any one she wants and thats also why our GM is afraid of her and does basically or follows eveything my supervisor says. but now i found out some driver from my company also receive the naked fotos my supervisor sent to my email. there are quite a few pictures of her showing her breast and but. so now that all the other supervisors are against her because of not following her duties shes trying to find something against me to try and take it on me thats the way i feel. so now i dont know what to do, i dont know if i can call my corporate office(1-800 #) because my GM will not do anything to her, according to my GM shes always right?? i dont want to lose my job down the line without saying anything, also these naked pictures were sent during bussiness hours, it states the time and date on my email of when they were sent, but if i do call the 1-800# i dont want my supervisor to know it was me. any ideas

What? Does everyone .. including the new GM think the 800 number only work from her phone?


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