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System Analyst

by John Doe
(NY, NY)

I have been working in my job for 9 years. The first year I started out as a part time Environmentalist only on weekends as a second job, while working my primary job and going to school full time during the week. After I graduated, I was promoted from part-time Environmentalist to full time System Analyst (Monday-Friday), which I have been doing for 8 years.

I just received a 30 day noticed informing me I will be laid off. Before my 30 days are up, my employer offers me to go back to being an Environmentalist paying me the same salary I had as a System Analyst, but would have to now work 7am-3pm and work every other weekend compared to my usual Monday - Friday 9am-5pm shift.

My question is:
Can I refuse this job offer and still be able to collect unemployment?

1.The job being offered is NOT similar to my current field (which would effect my job status for future jobs).

2. Forced to work a different time frame and work every other weekend.


I don't know what an environmentalist does. Are the skills used anywhere similar to what a systems analyst does?

I know why they would offer the same pay .. but is there any risk of those skills you went to school for becoming stale?

What are the typical hours and days for the majority of system analyst jobs in the labor market in your area?

The issue is refusal of suitable work.

So you have to know what NY considers suitable work.

There might also be something to read about quitting due to substantial changess in the conditions of employment, but I wouldn't count on it.

All I know is that I would personally feel a little weak in the knees if it was me focusing on pay or hours having much to do with good cause for a similar refusal.

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