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Taking my one week vacation but not being able to go to a mandatory meating....

by Charles

I took my one week vacation after working in the company for a year. unfortunately my mother got sick during this week and I had to take care of her, since my brother suffers from a brain Illness and is also a drug abuser and I needed to take care of her because of the fact that he can't even take care of himself... Well me knowing that I had to go back to work for a mandatory/training that was out in Washington for 7 days I called in and let them know that was not going to be able to make it because my mom is sick and she doesn't have anyone to take care of her she is 65 years old and suffers from arthiritas. They decided to let me go or terminate me... Now I found that really unfair and I have been trying to find work elsewhere and have not been able to... Now I need unemployment to help my moms health and I'm not sure if I can, due to the circumstances that I'm in, please some one help me...

If you didn't request FMLA or have medical documentation that said your mother needed to be taken care of .. I don't know if anyone can help.

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