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talking on the phone

by Melissa
(orange park, fl, usa)

My husbands family has owned a successful business for the past 25+ years. My brother-in-law just took over ownership this past year. He has always wanted the business to himself and since he became sole owner he has tried to think of everything he can to fire my husband. We found out from my husbands mother, that my brother-in-law planning to fire my husband because the business is not doing good and because my husband talks on the phone doing personal business from time to time. He does clock out when he is on the phone or he uses his breaks to talk on his personal phone. I feel he is trying to find every reason he can to boot him out of the family business so he can have it all to himself.

Hi Melissa,

From what you said, he does have it all to himself if he is the only owner. Don't you think there might be a possibility that if it comes down to a matter of unemployment.. maybe your husband could get some other family members to be witnesses?

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