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by Daniel
(Chicago, IL, USA)

I was fired due to tardiness on my part beyond what was considered acceptable by my company. My attendance was never an issue. What I mean by this is I never took more days off than vacation or sick days earned. Actually, I often didn't even use up all my vacation days in any given year. I have over 20 vacation days earned that my company will have to now pay me for. The only issue was me being late, not that I didn't show up or call in sick too often. I also worked several hours of OT throughout the years as my department was poorly run and seemed to be often short-staffed.

Hi Daniel,

You gave just enough information for me to need to ask a couple questions to get the relevant information.

How many times were you late?

What does the employer handbook state is the policy for being late?

Did you fail to adhere to the call-in policy?

Did you receive warnings and final warning per the progressive discipline policy?

When an employer fires you, all the great and wonderful things no longer matter...what's in question now is what the employer thought was good cause to fire you....period.

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