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teachers aide, part time employee, will not have position open for 2011


We live in Denver, Colorado.
My wife was laid off from her sales job with a housing developer on 10/08. she was collecing UI and was actively looking for work. She is a teacher by education and accepted a job at the local school district as a teacher's aide or para professional. It's a part time position; 30 hours a week, and she is still able to draw partial unemployment due to working less than 32 hours.
Due to budget shortfalls, the district needs to cut moneys, and it doesn't appear her position will be offered next year, and it doesn't appear she will be offered another position for the next year due to lack of budget.
Since she accepted a position of 9 months (Sept-May) and teachers do not get UI over the summer, can she be eligible for UI once the school year starts in August 2010?


Yes I would say she would be able to collect .. as long as everything goes down just like you think it's going to and the school district can't prove "reasonable assurance" or another offer.

But just a little warning .. School Districts are usually "reimbursers" which mean they get tax bills for paid benefits instead of contributing.

I know of few school districts that don't try to circumvent benefits by offering some other type of job .. and not necessarily a "suitable job".

Consider yourself duly warned:)

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