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telling a resident why I was written up, and discussing this with someone out of the workplace.

by joe

I worked for 2 years for a property mgmt co. There were no problems, really until a new supervisor was hired.

I was written up once, prior to this person coming on board, for being late. ( I loved my job, and I took care of maintenance for 120 apartment complex.) I really didnt get alot of training though.
Here is what happened:
I fix up apartments after a tenant has moved out. In this complex, there are alot of low income, and a mixture of residents. There was alot of turnover. Some " strippers" lived there also. I happened to be cleaning, a strippers apartment after she vacated. There was alot of junk left. I found a "stripper" club magazine, which advertised all the strip clubs in Portland. After the end of the day, I was done, and put that magazine in my tool box, to throw out. I forgot about. It wasn't pornography..but I was going to throw it away, and really forgot. There are many small items, that i just stuff in my toolbox. I dont use my toolbox that often. I do alot of painting basically.
Well, supposingly the new supervisor went thru my toolbox, and found that magazine. He immediately went to the human resource department, and told them I had pornography at work. He didnt even come to me first..and ask me. I was then asked to come to a meeting, where they pulled out the magazine if front of everyone, I was embarrased! They told me that they wouldn't write me up...but they could have!! I was mad and like I embarrassed! So, I talked about it to one of the residents,the following week.
I was then called in the office, and fired, for discussing this matter with the public.!

Hi Joe,

I'm not quite sure what to tell you. Apparently, the resident that you discussed this with .. didn't appreciate it.

And once again .. we have a failure to tell me what really matters .. the employers rule regarding the reason for termination.

It was not for having the magazine in your toolbox .. it was for discussing that meeting with one of their residents.

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being human
by: becky

I too was written up unfairly then fired for laughing about how lame the right up was to a fellow employee. Frist of all I was hired with praise for my experance and also put on the spot as an example to other employees to fallow. My right up was for over steping my job duties and acting like a manager which I had been for 4 years but was not at the time. I was offered a permotion to that title if the position were to come open in the future. The place of employment was a restaurant and all I did was inform some fellow employees that there voices were too loud in the back kitchen and that we ( because I was part of it min befor) should bring it down a notch because our voices could be heard out in the restaurant and by guest.( mind you the conversation was not very clean in nature). The manager was on the floor and could here me tell my fellow employees. I was looking out for the enjoyment of the guest and my fellow workers not trying to over step my managers athority, who by the way was eating @ a table near by and didn't bother to get up. I have been in the food service for 15 years and noise from the back of the house is a no no in my book. Was I wrongly fired for laughing @ my managers expence for such a lame wright up?

Being human also includes some behaviors that will always be considered misconduct .. especially, when the behavior is intentional, inappropriate and something that the majority "human employees" know not to do.

Having said this, I still don't entirely, understand what you were written up for first .. Being loud and obnoxious, exceeding your authority by telling other to take it down a notch, what?

I also do not know the content of what caused the laughter at your managers expense.

The reason I do not know is because you are trying to convince me of your innocence, instead of being factual about the details of what REALLY happened.

People will either get this concept I'm trying to get across .. or they will not.

by: Anonymous

I wasnt terminated for what they rule as "misconduct". It wasn't that the resident didn't appreciate it...they thought it was ridiculous!! So..I was fired for telling someone about my write up.

Yes, and does the employer have a rule or did they admonish you not to discuss it?

And, so now the question is, how did the employer find out?

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