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Telling my boss out of respect i was currently looking for another job!

by Brad

Hello,i was recently fired under somewhat of a confusing situation.I have been working for this company for three years,and have had attendance issues in the past,to the point of being put on final notice for my job in june of 2009.I did make it through the rest of 2009 without missing any more time and was taken off final notice.Once the new year(2010)started and i had a new batch of vacation time to use,i decided to start looking for a new job.I informed my boss of this out of respect instead of hiding it from him and having it come as a surprise. After i informed him of this i did miss some time from work to go to apply places and even go to a few interviews but it was all approved through him in advance. Then one day at work i was approached by a fellow co-worker and told i was to start training him on my machine.I thought this was odd so i asked to speak with the boss,and he was completely rude to me when i asked why i did not hear this from him first. He told me i would have if he could have located me. In turn i explained to him that i was getting parts from a different department at the time, that he explained he was looking for me. The conversation continued by me asking him if i was training my replacement in case i found a new job, or if he was planning on firing me. He responded with a half grin and said "thats all i'm saying for now". When the week ended on friday i was fired without any straight forward reason. By the way this was in the state of new york.

Hi Brad,

Firing someone because they are looking for another job is not with good cause .. at least to deny unemployment benefits.

If it were .. we'd be called indentured servants.

I'll make a bet with you .. he won't respond that that you were discharged for looking for another job:)

But like I say all the time .. it's in the individual details of each and every case .. so read ..

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