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by Just A Temp

You read that right, after receiving Unemployment benefits since October 2008, my last employer being a temp agency. I am on my 4th tier of benefits and just got a letter in the mail from EDD California - Notice of UI Benefits Eligibility Interview. I am like you have got to be kidding me I had this 2 yrs ago?<>[email protected]##$ Telephone Interview to be this Friday November 5th. It says during the interview you may be asked the following questions: The reason you left your job with Temp Agency? Why are you no longer working at your very last job? Were you warned that your actions could result in being fired? When were you warned? Also the information that you provided to obtain UI benefits? What information may have been incorrect or inadequate? Why did you give that information? I wrote Temp assignment ended.

It was an 8 wk assignment I worked that time period and more. I was told by the VP of Sales that my assignment was ending today on Oct 13 2008. Job started July 30th 2008. I did have problems there with Supv. not the VP of Sales who ended job. Job was at a Manufacturing Plant the job was to help the Sales/Marketing dept to call vendors who supply materials to get the materials in faster. My Supv. did not want or even like the idea of calling the vendors to harass them. But the first day the VP and the Production Mgr. introduced themselves and layed out the plan to contact the vendors. My Supv in Sales was disrepected and NOT liked by anyone but had tenure there. His Boss was the VP who told me to make the calls. I did an excellent job and got everything in which increased Production. I got kudos from the VP and the Prod Mgr. My Supv Sales was in constant conflict with the Prod Mgr but they are equals. The VP is my Supv boss and he gave me instructions. I was called into my Supv office and written up for insubordination. I said as he said you will Fkkking sign this or wont work here. I said you are not my employer the temp agency is and in tears I signed his form but said only I do not agree with anything written here. I worked for 2 additional wks and kept in contact with the temp agency almost daily. The temp agency position was try to make everyone happy and just do your job. I did that and more. I asked if she would call and basically save me and she said no. I wanted
her to talk to the VP, Prod Mgr. and my boss Sales Mgr. Final straw was that I graciously relieved the Recp for lunch (not my job) but no one wanted to and to make my Supv happy I did it. Well Immigration dept was calling asking for certain ppl in Plant. I was told to lie and say they were not here if they call. They had just deported an employee and 2 wks later they are back at work. When I told the VP about this in Oct along with the who should I listen to I am getting mixed signals here and punished for it. But if I get that call from Immigration I will Not lie. He then said I am ending your assignment today. Of course the agency gave me her home phone number and assured me that she will find me another job and put me on the available list. Well 2 yrs later it looks like she has changed her mind and contested my UI benefits. I was NEVER told by the temp agency I was fired nor did I ever receive anything by e-mail,text,writing etc to that effect.

Oh for crying out loud!! .. I detest temp agencies .. just for this typical stupidity and manipulation of the facts.

Problem is .. that this type of underhanded ploy is frequently successful depending on the "unemployment ignorance level" of the claimant.

I can tell you this if you have been completely truthful with me ... YOU SHOULD NOT BE FOUND DISQUALIFIED FOR MISCONDUCT.

Tell it like it is. Stick to the reason the VP ended your assignment .. because you told him that you would not lie to immigration and that is why he told you your assignment had ended. Tell the state that you had raised your problems with this client with your employer the temp agency and they were aware of what happened.

The temp agency is in an undesirable position. If they were to be honest with the UI dept. It would be the lack of work claim that it is, but instead they raised the flag apparently, when a new claim's base period included your employment with them and they did so by telling the dept your assignment ended because of misconduct, but they have no proof or direct testimony to the misconduct .. and I doubt the "client" will be willing to testify on their behalf .. because you would be raising the issue of illegal activity they engaged in and that it was your refusal to become culpable in helping them avoid immigration that caused the end of the assignment.


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Jun 06, 2012
You Can't Trust Temp Agencies- They OFTEN Lie
by: Anonymous

I worked as a Temporary Employee for Pinnacle Technical Resources in Dallas, TX for AT&T. They were both very shady companies. Suddenly when the work became slow, the temp agency started firing everyone for cause. Even if they had to go back through months of calls to find a mistake. They would look for "any" reason.

Also, the temp agency used an "Unemployment Mill" called Barnette Associates out of New York to deny claims. This company had been the subject of numerous lawsuits by different states because they only get paid when they deny a claim so they became known in the legal community for denying ALL claims and hoping the person would lose interest on the appeal.

AT&T and Pinnacle Technical Resources looked the other way during these employment abuses.

You can't trust any of them.

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