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Temp Assignment for 6 months

by Joanne

I have been woking on a temp assignment for 6 months. When I accepted the assignment, I was told by the Agency that the position would go full-time/direct hire in probably 1-2 months maximum and i was good with that. I moved across the US believing this would be a great opportunity to work for a large bank with longevity. Now, 6 months later, I am being told by the Agency that the company wants to extend my assignment for another 90 days. This positon has created a financial burden as the position does not pay enough for me to live on my own here in Los Angeles and therefore I will need to return back to my home. If I complete the original assignment(6 months), am I able to qualify for unemployment benefits?

I have more questions Joanne than I have answers for you .. which really are contingent on knowing full details.

To begin, were you collecting unemployment when you accepted this temp job and moved across the country to accept? Sort of relevant since California unemployment laws can vary from other states and this temp agency still might not be a base period employer if you expect to reopen a claim which will look to see if you had good cause to voluntarily quit this position.

Financial problems are generally not good cause to quit, however, being misled at time of hire may have possibilities to prove you now have cause to refuse an extension of the temp assignment, but I wouldn't hang a hat on it.

Can I assume you knew the rate of pay when you accepted the job?

Did you get the terms and conditions in writing with regard to the duration of temporary being 1-2 months max? (I'm asking, but don't expect you to say yes considering this job came to you via a temp agency)

You realize a temp agency does not control that sort of thing .. except that they can use that sort of info to influence a prospective and qualified candidate's decision to take the job.

Have you emailed your temp recruiter asking about this (while documenting the conditions under which you accepted)?

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Sep 16, 2019
Base period reporting from three different jurisdictions
by: Robert

W. So I quit a job in Oklahoma for good cause and was approved for UI.When my benefits ended I began work in a neighboring state for a "workforce management" company based out of DC. this was not a TEMP job. I quit that job and went to work for another "workforce managment" company. I was never told this was a temporary job but I soon learned all fulltimer, management as well referred to us as "temps". The company would cull and developed those that demonstrated skill or voiced a desire to be "hired on" and after a period of evaluation were usually told to apply to the company. I did so after six months. And began the hiring process but was unable to complete it as the UA and physical were in a town 25 miles away and I rode my bicycle to work. Since I did not complete the UA within the prescribe time, which I called and I informed them I would not be able to. The next week after I called in sick. That day I recieved an email explaining the job offer was recinded. When I went to work the next day I discovered I was realeased from assignment for performance issues by the company, not the temp agency. So if I am denied in this state can I apply in one of the other more worker friendly state?

I don't know of any reason you couldn't apply in one of the other states, if you still have wage credits available in it's available base periods. But you're correct, I'd only advise you try that, if you are first denied in the state whose rules would be naturally controlling your eligibility.

However, given your last most recent separation was was some temp agency (your actual last employer) despite you being fired for poor performance, or simply not following through with the steps to become a permanent hire of the client company.

I just don't know how successful you'll be, in any state .. even if the client company was never your employer in the first place .. but the temp staffing agency was and many states and/or DC itself may have special voluntary quit provisions .. just for temp employees

Jun 27, 2014
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by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for giving attention to my questions...appreciate it.

To answer your question(s), I was not collecting unemployment when I accepted the position. I did express to the Agent that the hourly rate was much lower than what I've been accustomed to; however, I was willing to manage on a temporary basis until hired within the 30-60 days. Unfortunately, I did not get anything in writing prior to acceptace offer.

The gal that contracted me is not longer with the Agency, but have made contact with another rep who has told me that after six months, the company can hire me without paying a fee to the Agency so I should hold on. I have spoken several times(last time was mid April) to my manager at the office who has asked me to come on full time direct, but he is not following through. Instead, I am now being told they want to extend my assignment again. The company is going through some serious problems and may very well be phasing out of business. Just not sure what to do.

Again, thank you....

And this brings up the point I try to make about accepting "suitable work".

Once you accept a job, knowing the terms and conditions of hire (including the pay) it becomes suitable work, unless you can prove you were misled at time of hire about those terms and conditions.

You were sold a temp agency bill of goods as many people are.

And the problem after you refuse, or quit a temp assignment because you might very well of been misled .. is you have the burden of proof always assigned to moving party who must prove cause.

The temp agency isn't going to admit they guaranteed you any term or condition you would become a direct hire in x months and receive a pay increase similar to other permanent employees of the "client" of the temp agency .. to support your reasoning as to you accepted what was unsuitable work in the first place for you personally.

I know you're in a tight spot, but try to clarify via an email all you have been told by the new rep about the terms and conditions promised to you by the rep if you stay on until the "fee" goes away.

It might make them nervous, but it's one way to protect your interests in the terms and conditions if in another three months .. they do it again.

This happened to me and six months, turned into three years. I leveraged the fact my former employer didn't want to lose me as a hearing coord. to squeeze a raise out of the temp agency every six months for two and half years.

Just an idea to play around with .. if the client is really happy with you and doesn't want to lose you.

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