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Temp job over, 3 days out of town, claim on hold

by Bill Getting Old
(Dallas, TX)

My claim was allowed. I took a temp job that was supposed to last 2 weeks. It lasted 5 months. I never missed a day and worked every possible hour. But it ended on a Monday. I didn't even get to work the full day.

On that same day, the wife and I went out of town for 3 days. I was always in touch. I made contacts with other agencies looking for work. I was willing and able to drive back at anytime or even fly back and let my wife drive. It was a couple of hours by plane and about an 8 hours by car. If I had work, I wouldn't have gone. If I got work or an interview, I would come back.

Every two weeks while on the 5 month assignment, I did a benefit application and I listed my job hunting as well as my earnings. I always had the number of contacts although I don't think that matters when employed. Unemployment always sent me a notice that nothing was payable because I earned wages. I probably didn't have to report every two weeks, but I did.

I kept the Temp agency well aware of when the assignment would be over. I have email that nothing else is available. This isn't a quit.

Now that I am not employed, I filled out the payment application as usual. I reported I was not available for being out of town for week 1. I explained why and that I was not expecting payment that week. I reported that I looked for work that week. I reported I was available and looked for work in week 2. And I submitted.

This time I got a message that the application was on hold and to call Unemployment.

I expected that would happen because I have been employed for 5 months. I don't mind not being paid for one week. I just don't want the small number of days out of the area to tank my whole benefit year. Is there something special I should do? Did I handle it correctly?

Chris's Response

Email documenting temp agency was infrormed assignment was over and requesting new assignment .. Check.

When filing continuing claim for the week you were out of town for three day also informed dept. you were not able and available .. Check.

All sounds good to me Bill.

I suspect the reason the claim is on hold is because they now need to confirm this is a lack of work claim with the temp agency as long as it doesn't have anything to do with the benefit year concluding and possibly requiring a new claim for a second benefit year.

Yes, I think you did handle it correctly Bill.

Chris Getting Old Too.

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Jun 19, 2015
That sounds like good news to me on the UIB front Bill
by: Chris -

And I too hope you ride the next opportunity through to retirement ..

I know my husband is down to counting in days until his .. and someone recently told me they knew another fellow who was simply counting Mondays until his.

All the best,


Jun 19, 2015
All Over Now
by: Bill Getting Old

I left a small amount of money on the table as my benefit year expired. But they even paid me for my short out of town trip because they said I continued to look and was available to come back. And I was.

Currently, I have another opportunity and I hope to ride this one to retirement. One never knows.

Thanks for being there Chris. It is a wonderful service you do coaching us through the hard times.

Apr 19, 2015
Much Appreciated
by: Bill Getting Old

You are very much appreciated. One can't get in to talk to the Unemployment folks - but they can reach you. It's nice to make sure I am walking the path correctly.

Many thanks.

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