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Temp. worker since 2008 Now denied unemployment...Same Company 4 different jobs.

(Elkhart, In)

Temp. worker since 2008 Now denied unemployment.I have been with the same Temp. service, have had with them 4 different jobs.

I applied with a Temp. Staffing placement. I thought they were GREAT!! I walked out of my orientation with a job for 3 weeks. The 3 weeks turned into May 14,2008 until Nov. 26, 2008. Then I started unemployment. They again assigned me a job in 2009 same place 3 different times for a total of 13 weeks. Also another once in a while job maybe 4 to 8 hours a month. Again I went on unemployment. I had even just begun my 2ND extension. This year 2010 they call a job for 5 weeks. Being on unemployment you can't turn down any offer they give you. I accepted. The companies orientation said probably 6 weeks. Well it lasted 01/05/2010 until 06/25/2010.I always informed them when a job ended usually the same day I was told before days end. Except for in 2009 that company always had the Temp. service call us job ended. I applied for or reactivate my unemployment. The extension had been suspended but showed how much was still left in it. I got a notice I hadn't made enough that quarter. So again in August, I tried the same answer. Again in September, same answer. Sept. 24, I stopped at my local Work One Office. I asked why when I was on a extension accepted a job for 24 weeks job ended 06/25/10 that extension wasn't reopened. She made a note to give to her supervisor to check on this and said I'd have to reapply in Oct. it's a new quarter. It did reopen back to Sept. 18. I got 3 weeks. I had to reapply. Now I've made enough this quarter to go back to regular unemployment and my amount weekly increased the extension with 899.00 still left closed. I have my waiting week. Then I'm denied due to excess earnings. I made 124.00 at my part-time job. I get 257.00 weekly benefit. Then I receive a letter Request for information week of 10/23/2010 Were you discharged? Explain in detail final incident? I did not know how to answer this form. The supervisor assigned everyone jobs that A.M. except for 6 of us we were told due to lack of work the job was ending that day. Any questions then assigned us jobs. I went down to Work One Office told them I did not know how to fill this out and I had called the Temp.Service they said only note they had job ended 06/25/10. Work One just faxed the form to Indianapolis, In. I had filled out what I could with what happened. I put on the bottom of form I do not know how to answer these questions I was
told with a group of 6 that June 25 was our last day for the job. I was not fired-given any warnings. Temp. job ended. I would file for unemployment denied unresolved issue. Now I received Determination Of Eligibility. Circumstances of Case The claimant was discharged due to work-related breach of duty. on down just cause IC-22-4-15-1(d) also IC-22-4-11-1(d) Your benefit rights are suspended effective week ending 06/25/2010 until you have earned your weekly benefit amount in each of 8 weeks. A 25% reduction may be applied to your max. benefit amount. The employer's account will not be charged for benefits paid after 06/25/2010 on wages earned prior to this date. I can appeal. I again called my Temp. Office I was told my file said job ended 06/25/10 that I was still employed through them.
Now your probably wondering part-time job? I have had a part-time evening job since 10/24/2000. So what I made from it has always been deducted from my unemployment. I work there 4 to 13.5 hours weekly. And rarely fill in for somebody needing time off or sick. I usually have a full time day job. I looked these codes up. Came to the conclusion is it my part-time job? OR 06/24/2010 day before job ended. We had been told a number of times do not do a pack without your check off sheet and it must be checked off as you go not competed at the end put into box. My partner and I noticed our check off sheets were not right so we told the group leader she had to redo the list, print it and noticed it still was wrong so had to redo again. My partner and I put downtime on our job cards. The supervisor comes over I can't ok this amount of time. I said ok fine I don't care anyway. Left the card, what she filled it in as a code I have no knowledge. We weren't told job codes and they were not posted. My partner pointed out you just said we were not to pack without a check off sheet. We had 3 packed except for the sheet no room to do any more these are heavy metal shelving for warehouse stockroom. And that she wanted her down time honored. She had been there 5 weeks through a different Temp. Service. Yes she was one of the 6 job ended for also. Others in other departments job ended that day also. I heard now they have laid off down to 4 days a week.

That was about as clear as mud. Determinations always list the employer .. even questionnaires tell you what employment they want to know about.

What job has raised an issue to you being able to collect unemployment because of a discharge for misconduct?

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