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Temporary Assignment FL

by Angie
(Snellville, GA)

Hello, and thank you for your time. I worked for a temp agency in FL, completing all the short term assignments I was offered. I was asked to work a one day only assignment which was misrepresented to me by the temp agency.

I called the agency that morning and told them I could not complete the assignment as it was not quite what I expected.

Subsequently, I relocated to GA in search of work, and filed for FL unemployment when nothing panned out. My claim was denied based on the one assignment I refused. I have filed an appeal, and I am not sure what to expect during the hearing, do I have a valid claim?

Hi Angie,

When working for a temp agency .. we have to consider the possibility that a state may have some additional rules to consider and Florida does.

Florida has a temporary worker provision which requires the worker to contact the agency upon completion of an assignment for additional work .. if you don't you are considered to have voluntarily quit without good cause.

So, let me ask you if when you told the employer that the assignment was not suitable .. did you request another assignment .. or did you immediately move to Georgia?

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