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Temporary employment saying a refused a temp to perm position.

by Mae

The temp agency that I worked for is saying that I refused a temp to hire position on a certain date. I was told that my assignment was over by the company I was working for, not the temp agency I was working for. I actually had to call them when I found out that day. Anyway that day they told me they had a job for me, and to relax. I went in for a video interview that monday, then I worked that monday for a one day assignment. Then I called week after week to find out about the job, "Sorry we still haven't heard anything. Then one of the temps told me about another possible temp to perm position, and transferred me to another temp and she told me about another job. I said I was interested and sent them an updated resume, and they are saying that I refused a temp to hire position. I am appealing this, and have hired a lawyer. I live in PA and am wondering how this weighs in my favor or against me. I have the email that I sent with my updated resume, but this temp agency did most of their communication by telephone.

If I'm not mistaken, it is the temp agency that must now prove a real offer of work was made.

Can they do this?

There can be no refusal substantiated otherwise.

Personally, I just know this tactic for the crap that it is .. it's a common strategy used by temp agencies and their agents. And of course the unemployment department has a financial reason to play along now.

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