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Temporary Job leads to Dreaded Pain in Hands Resulting in Denied Unemployment

I had been unemployed for 17 weeks from 11/19/12, I lost my office job of 13 years plus when the Company closed. When I knew that I only had three weeks of Missouri unemployment benefits left I was desperately applying for office work when I could not even find temporary office work to apply for, I applied for a temporary production position that had working conditions of working in 40 degree or lower temperatures, prolonged standing, repetitive use of hands and must be able to work any shift. I thought that I would give the temporary production job a chance because it would be temporary and I could still look for full time office position while getting paid. After the first shift of work I was having chest pain and contacted my temporary employer and the person I spoke with suggested that the job was not suited for me. I also saw the jobsite nurse and was told that my blood pressure was high and the chest pain was probably just indigestion. I continued to work because the attendance policy only allowed you to miss two occassions of work and on the third miss you were terminated from the job.

Additionally, I was not getting full time work as when the temporary job started on third shift production I only worked production three nights, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on Tuesday and Thursday sanitation work was done. I was to get 7 1/2 hrs work on production nights and 7 hrs. 10 min. work on the two sanitation nights. I was never told by my temporary employer that I would be doing any other work than production but the jobsite required all third shift workers to do sanitation
or if required we also had to do rework of the product.
I continued job training work and every shift I was taking pain reliever for my aches and pains in my feet, legs, hands and chest. I was truging in to work every night suffering with swollen hands and the numbness had set in my hands to where I had little or no feeling for use of my hands to where I could not even hold onto a plate or cup handle. I felt like I had given the job a fair chance by the fourth week of working. I finally realized that I could not continue to torture myself . . . I called my temporary employer and informed them that I was just not suited to do the job. I asked my temporary employer to find office work for me that I was suited to do. The end. My last day of work was 5/3/13.

I have had three interviews for office positions in the last four weeks. The mot recent interview I am now waiting for notice of being called in for a second interview and am in much hope of this being the position for me.

Thank you for your time!

So, you're telling me the job was unsuitable for you due to health reasons.

I realize you advised your temp employer, but deid you also provid them with the knowledge that you needed an office (less physical) assignment on the advice of a physician?

Additionally, one of my rules for submitting a question or a story is that the name of the state be included as the rules for collecting unemployment due to health reasons are conditional upon any individual state unemployment laws.

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