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temporary lay off in Ohio with a definite return to work date.

by Becka

I live in Ohio and am on a 8 week summer lay-off. I have a definite return to work date and when I applied the lady on the phone never mentioned I would have to look for a new job! I applied over the phone on a Tuesday and got the unemployment book in the mail on a Friday so for that entire week I hadn't contacted any new employers looking for work.

Unemployment denied my weekly claim because of that but my arguement is how was I supposed to know? Obviously I am not out of a job permanently and I don't want to leave my current job anyway.

I have 3 kids and just one week without a little bit of money puts us in a hole. Isn't the money they're witholding, my employer's money they've paid in the system? I have worked at my current job 7 years and this is my first ever lay-off.

I am just curious if I have any right to try and fight this?

Thank you.

If I were you, I think I would call the Ohio Unemployment Department and ask if they allow for the suspension of the work search because of "job attached status".

If they tell you yes, then ask them why, if you have been provided with a definite return to work date why you were not given that status.

Let us know what they say.

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Sep 14, 2012
by: Anon76

I'm not sure, Becka, but I think Ohio counts 7 days as a full work week when figuring the 45 day rule. The week starts on Sunday and finishes on Saturday.
This--I assume, so don't take it as fact--is because many people have jobs that make them "weekend" warriors. Factories, sales and fast food would be included in that long list.
If the state didn't take the weekends into account then the 45 day limit could stretch out considerably. Trust me, I'm not taking any sides on this, but the concept seems rational to me.

Jun 24, 2010
no job attached status in ohio
by: Becka

I called the unemployment office and they said they only suspend work search requirements IF a person's return to work date is (at max) 45 days from the time that person is laid off.
She said besides that, there is no job-attached status. If i'm laid off 8 weeks--that's only 40 business days but I imagine they count weekends too. Do you think it's still worth a try at an appeal?


Hi Becka,

It's always worth the effort to appeal. What do you have to lose now? Use your 40 business day argument.

I'm going to try to keep that 45 day time limit locked in my mind.

Some states actually have a limit of up to 26 weeks or the length of regular unemployment benefits and an actual box on the unemployment application which asks if you are job attached ..

If nothing else Becka .. your willingness to help by calling the Ohio unemployment department and then posting this comment will serve as a warning not to assume the "reasonable" when temporarily laid off in Ohio to avoid a denial for not looking for a job.

Thanks, Becka.

The lesson is that NOTHING should ever be assumed when it comes to unemployment. After you become entitled to benefits .. they then start asking the questions weekly, to deny benefits.


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