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Temporary Medical Disability & Forced to Relocate For Job

by Jack
(California Unemployment)

Temporary Medical Disability & Forced to Relocate For Job


I'm employed in California and have been out on an authorized medical disability for a period of four months. The company that employee me has a policy that your position can (and most likely will) be filled if you do not return within that four month window. They will guarantee me my same pay grade anywhere in the US that they need a position to be filled. I am not willing to relocate. If I deny their offer of a job outside CA am I eligible for unemployment benefits in CA?



Hi Jack,

No, they can't force you to relocate out of state unless that was one of the conditions of hire and you agreed to it. Even then, there still might be away around that little snafu if one cares to dig for the argument.

Distance, can make an offer of work unsuitable

Here's the whole section of CA's UIBDG on Suitable Work.

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