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terminated for a failed drug test

by greg
(California Unemployment Benefits)

I was terminated for a failed drug test, can i receive benefits if i am enrolled in rehab?

Hi Greg,

Why are you asking me this question?

You must already know that California does have a provision that allows for benefits if a person has a "compulsion" which equates to an illness or "medical condition" to do drugs.

Personally, I'm not all that fond of these provisions because contrary to the idiot employer that accused me of being a lousy excuse of a human being that "bleeds the system", I am a person that hold herself accountable for her own actions and I rarely get any breaks from any system.

My personal motto is "DO NO HARM" This doesn't just apply to others .. which isn't all that hard not to do .. but I know it's much more difficult to not do harm to yourself .. I know this.

So Greg, if you do complete any of the appropriate "rehabilitation programs" that would allow you to collect unemployment because your drug addition or alcoholism is a compulsion which was once a voluntary personal choice to create a "medical condition", I hope that you will move forward in life sober and clean and personally, accountable for the rest of your days.

Because there are some diseases in life caused by personal choice that there is no backing out of.

This is not the case for you .. you still have a choice as to how you proceed from here going forward.

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