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terminated for a hippa violation i did not do

by brenda

i was accused of mailing out a medical bill to another person i work in a office at a hospital that is about to close my job was very demanding and most of the time i did the work of three people mind you there is only 3 people in the office when i was terminated i was told i had sent a bill out with my handwriting on it to wrong person i did not see the envelope to verify if it was my handwriting i was told they knew i didnt do this on purpose by my manger any way i was told to apply for unemployment which i did 4 weeks ago this week i got a notice that there is a pending issue also the company owes me several thousands of dollars because they had been paying me the wrong wages for all 4 years i have work there and just a few days before i was fired the company that was going to buy us back out of the sell and i had ask a few days before when they thought i would get back pay also i did not mail any mail that week that this supposedly happen so i think i should appeal but dont know if it is worth it or not

Hi Brenda,

Of course it's worth it.

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Mar 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

i did receive my unemployment and i am now on extended benefits the place i work for did not appeal cause there were no grounds and have since spoke with old manger which by the way was let go also and she said it was all made up i knew i never mailed out that letter i have since tried to file for wrongful termination but there is a whole new office from ceo down.

Karma does bite. My old manager informed me it was because of the back pay they owed me and that they could not afford to pay. I have filed suit. We'll see where it goes

Sep 23, 2010
follow up on hippa
by: brenda

thanks i am going to go after my unemployment and back pay they owe me that much i know i did not mail out this supposed bill and if i did it would still not be a hippa viloation because the bills do not disclose patients medical conditions just the amount they owe.

You go Brenda and I wish your well with your appeal.

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