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Terminated for becoming inelligible to drive company vehicles

by Jack
(Reading, Pennsylvania)

Becoming ineligible to drive company vehicle because their insurance company determined a recent speeding violation made my driving record too bad and they would no longer insure me as a driver. Company does have a policy that they only hire people with good driving records but I have been an employee for 6 years and we usually have 2 people in each van so they could find a way to accommodate me. Wondering if eligible for unemployment.

Again, I'm not the one that decides whether you are eligible or not .. I'm the one who says you at least need an argument that makes sense you should be eligible.

The employer policy is important, but it also makes sense that if you need a good driving record to be hired .. you should know that a good driving record should be maintained, but you did counter that argument with the fact that there are always two people per van and that someone else could do the driving .. And I suppose it is worth consideration to find out if you received the speeding ticket while working or not.

You let me know if you are found eligible. I would argue that since you still have a license .. there were reasonable alternatives to the discharge .. I'm just not certain that you will be able to do this effectively.

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