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terminated for falsifying overtime hours

by Darrell
(Iowa )

I had a manager meeting in which overtime hours were discussed. I was told in the meeting our budget for overtime hours were zero. I took it to heart letting my staff know how we were going forward with this. One employee in particular was getting close to OT. I told him that I would have to give his shift to someone else to avoid this. He told me just cut the OT hours off and give them to him on next weeks wages. I did so and was terminated upon these grounds. Do I have any chance of winning my appeal?


Will that be your argument for benefits? That a subordinate told you what to do and you did it .. right after a meeting where you had just been informed differently?

I've assumed that you as someone with a staff and apparently the responsibility to keep track of or approve their hours, was also aware of the employer's timekeeping policies.

Am I wrong?

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