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Terminated while on medical leave

by Dee
(Kennesaw, GA, Cobb )

Can I be terminated while on medical leave? I was on approved FMLA and my FMLA hours expired, I was then on approved FMLA. However my company stopped paying my medical insurance and I was unable to afford getting the monthly forms completed from my Dr's office. I did notify HR of my situation. I was then sent a form letter stating I was terminated due to non-compliance with FMLA guidelines. Can I be approved for unemployment?

You need to talk to a lawyer. I can't tell from what you told me if you will be able to collect unemployment .. because I don't understand what's going on here.

It sounds more like a FMLA problem.

Non-compliance with FMLA paperwork .. is not something you want to do, but what is confusing me is the monthly cost for paperwork and why you no longer have medical insurance.

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