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Texas Going to school and recieving your benefits

by Anonymous

A friend of mine was laid off from a computer company and after 6 months of looking for another computer job he decided to go to real estate school. He called and they said he could go to school and still receive his benefits and even recieve them after he started his job. Not until he makes a sale would his benefits stop. I found that hard to believe. Wanting to go back to school, I called the Texas Unemployment Commission and asked if I could do the same if I was available for work. They said no I would lose my benefits. I don't understand. It makes sense to if your not having any luck finding a job that learning a new skill would increase you chances of a job. They said only a state recommended job thru the commission would able you to receive your benefits provided you still available for work. Any help about be appreciated.

Hi Anonymous,

I cannot explain the difference in the answers received by your friend and you.

What I do know is that unless the State of Texas or any state for that matter approves the school and receiving benefits simultaneously .. a person will probably lose their benefits because they have raised an issue of their availability for work and probably some job search issue, until at such time the state makes a determination one way or the other.

I think you need to go back and question your friend to find out if he attended real estate school by way of getting it approved by the state first. Or if he had to prove availability for full-time work and tell them he would quit school if he did find a suitable job. Or if it's through some program that whoever talked to you is unaware of.

The states treat this entire area in varying ways.

Texas according to information from the ETA Texas does not disqualify for attendance at school unless you are not .. "willing to quit school or change class schedule to accommodate full-time work".

The problem I'm having with the advice given to your friend is that they are still able to collect benefits until they start making money .. Even if you are not making any money, but have become unavailable for other work .. because you are now spending all your time trying to sell houses????? You are not in compliance with one of the fundamentals required to collect.

You must be able and available for work.

Hmmmm. Why would a state give such contrary information to two different people in the same state? I have no idea.

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