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by Vicki
(Dallas, Texas )

I have a termination letter stating the reason they fired me is that the owner heard I no longer had the desire to work for him anymore. Well my ex employer actually the controller of the company told unemployment that I had quit the day before. I returned the investigators call and left a voicemail stating I had the letter. Have not heard back yet. I then emailed my ex employer and told her that she should change her response as I have a letter from the owner stating I was terminated for the above bogus reason. She is not even hr. So she lied to a government office. I hope she is scared as she has not replied to my email yet I still have not heard back from the investigator. Should I go ahead and contact a lawyer?

I guess you could contact an attorney if you're investigating whether there is some reason you want to bring legal actions.

I would simply offer to fax the termination letter to the state.

I would not be calling the employer.
They don't need to be scared .. any employer would simply say the comtroller made an inadvertent mistake.

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