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Thakns SO Much Chris - won my appeal in CA!

by Gordon Bob
(San Francisco CA)

Hi Chris -

After our conversation, I felt much better and was able to mobilize to get moving on my appeal. I did contact the person in San Diego you referred me to, who was very helpful in letting me know what steps I had to take to prepare for the appeal.
After some thought I decided to go with a local attorney who could appear in person with me.

She and I met and had several phone conversations before the hearing. I was being accused of hiding facts relevant to my UIB claim which was not true. Once the attorney and I read the file it was clear that CA EDD had made a number of errors and misquotes and that no one who actually talked to me at my former employer was interviewed by EDD.

In any event the hearing was short and I received the decision a few days later. My employer appeared by phone - the receptionist! - and refused to put the manager who had terminated my employment on the phone which held great weight with the hearing officer.

Thanks for the vote of confidence that allowed me to give my best effort in protecting my rights.

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