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Thank you for creating this site to help through an insane time

by Susan L.

GEORGIA: I was fired back in November after four years at the same law firm. Their reason for firing me was failure to follow rules or orders; however, the true reason was an intense personal issue with the owner's wife/office manager. I knew the truth as it was obvious to me and confirmed by a co-worker who was told this directly by the office manager herself. Sadly though, the co-worker passed away shortly after I was fired. This experience was a very stressful one that was made more stressful by the personal issues.

I found your website, filled out the contact form for a hearing rep and was immediately contacted by Donald. I have nothing but good to say about Don.

He heard the truth from the start and did all he could do throughout the three month appeal process, inclusive of a two-part hearing. He was in constant contact, understanding, and he is a true professional. Unfortunately, we did not prevail, but not through any fault or lack of trying by Don. He gave me sanity in an insane time.

I have learned from this whole nightmare and would recommend your site heartbeat, and have already,

Again, thanks for all that you all do.

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