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Thanks, to Chris I WON my appeal!

I want to say, Many Many thanks, Chris. Without finding your site and consulting with you I would NOT have won my appeal for Unemployment Benefits.

I quit my job and needed to show that I did seek solutions before I quit and that a "below expectations performance review" was wrong and used against me to force me to quit. I didn't even know that's what I needed to prove - until I read the information on this site and chose to seek advise from Chris.

It did take alot of patience as Colorado's appeals process is very slow. It also took being very very careful about what to say (and what NOT to say) in my "appeals letter" and at the appeals hearing. I could have EASILY disqualified myself and lost the appeal without the specific coaching I received.

Chris, you are a tremendous help to people during a time when we really need excellent guidance! My advise to others - Do NOT go into an appeals hearing without being extremely well informed. I do know that an attorney would have cost MUCH MUCH more than what Chris charges. What a great value and great service to others.
Thank you very much!

JAG in Colorado.

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