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the boss bringing his dog to work and having to constantly open a gate to get to the files and have the dog in the kitchen area of the workplace?

by Robin
(brewster, ny)

I have been at my place of employment for almost 9 years. Back then, the doctor and his wife brought their 2 dogs to work everyday, but they were put in a separate room that didn't affect the daily routine. For the last few years, they were put in the business office/kitchen (where a good amount of the files are located)and have since been subjected to having to deal with navigating a gate everyday, as well as a piece of cardboard and 3 other boards, since the two dogs had to be separated. Last week, one dog was put down, which I felt very bad about, but the other dog is still there and I don't appreciate the licks every time I have to go near the files. Ticks have been found on these dogs numerous times. I do not work at a veterinarian's office...I work at an optometrist's office. Can I quit and collect unemployment?

Hi Robin,

How long have you been putting up with this? It's relevant because after a "certain amount of time" you are seen to accept the way things are.

If you want to quit .. you need to start addressing the situation with the employer to at least get the dog out of your workspace.

No, I wouldn't quit if I were you.

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