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The claimant quit to accept work elsewhere.//Florida

by carol stanojevich

I was laid off from a job I had worked for 4 yrs in July 2008.I was approved for unemployment. I accepted a lower paying job in Aug 2008 and worked 5 mos till I was offered another job with benefits and better opportunity. All went well for 4 wks till Office manager decided it wasn't working out. No decision of any kind that there was a problem. Just told that this is your last day. I filed for unemployment again. This time it stated denied because "The reason for quitting was not attributable to the employer. The law requires disqualification from Date and until you earn Dollar amt." The employer is not chargeable since the employment was not in the base period. Nothing is mentioned about the last employer being fired. I'm not sure if I need to appeal or not. If anyone can help. Please advise and thank you for your time.

Hi Carol,

Here's the problem. Florida requires a person after quitting without good cause to return to work and earn 17 times their weekly benefit to remove the disqualification. The only exception which is good cause for quitting work to accept another job is if you quit a temporary job because you have been recalled by a former employer you had within the last six months.


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