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The Company is moving to far from your home and not having transportation?

by Maria V.
(Homestead, Fl)

The company is moving to far from your home and not having transportation

We just received notice that the company we work in will be moving more then 50 miles away, i don't have a reliable car for transportation. im 7 months pregnant and by the time we have to move up north i will be having my weekly doctor visits. my question is that if i leave my job would i be able to qualify for unemployment?


Forget all the other stuff you mentioned and concentrate on this.

It is the company you work for that is substantially changing the conditions of hire by moving 50 miles further away.

A voluntary quit with good cause is possible when the employer makes substantial changes that in effect make the work no longer suitable if they have nothing else to offer you and you have exhausted all other alternatives to remain employed .. like a transfer request etc.

Distance to work is one of the things looked at when it comes to determining suitable work.

The problem is that Florida doesn't have a precedent decision manual like some states, to let you know what distance might be too far.

Although I will say 50 miles is considered "substantial" in a lot of states.

My suggestion is to call the appeal section or go to a law library or search the internet to find Florida decisions that define when a distance becomes substantial.

And then come back here and cite the decision for others in Florida.

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