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The expectations are "impossible".

by Mindy
(Apple Valley, CA )

After 8 years of employment and always being the Bookkeeping Supervisor, it has always been myself and one other bookkeeper in the department. I am now expected to perform all duties of the department on my own. Mgmt will not hire me another bookkeeper. I believe its inevitable and would prefer to simply exit the job now. Can I collect under these circumstances? Thank you.

Hi Mindy,

No. Your best bet is to document the fact that the expectations are impossible.

Unemployment departments don't really care about what we have to put up with in our jobs .. they only care if the expectations were unreasonable as far as they are concerned and then only if you can prove that you did everything within your power to reason with the employer to change things.

Unfortunately, quitting and proving good cause becomes easier when we try to the point of actually making ourselves physically ill and then being able to prove that that was attributable too the employer .. quite frankly, it's a joke, but fortunately you do live in California and they explain things very well.

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