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the fact that my family health insurance was cut?

by Dawn
(New York)

About a year ago, my former employer cut all of our hours due to all the financial problems his business was going through. As of January 1st of this year, my employer dropped my family's health coverage. I would have had to pay close to $900 out of pocket for it a month and I only brought home about $1200 per month. I also had $500 just in daycare fees for my newborn. I quit in February and called NYS DOL and started collecting benefits, and now they are appealing it and I have to try to repeal it. Do you you think I have a chance at winning this?

Hi Dawn,

When the employer cut your hours did you file a claim for partial unemployment benefits?

Please remember when you develop your argument to show that the employer's appeal has no merit .. you will need to focus on the fact that it was attributable to the employment not your financial hardships.

Here is the link to the NYS precedent decisions. Try to find something there that will work for you.

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