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The head coach resigned and I've been offered the job Can i quit and still draw unemployment

I was hired three months ago as a assistant softball coach at a division 2 college. This past week the head coach resigned. The school offered me the head coaching job but with all the extra duties as the head coach i don't think i can handle the job. So if i quit can i draw unemployment.

Well that would depend on whether you still have the option of declining the offer and remaining the assistant coach to some other head coach if you do refuse the offer of a "promotion".

Strictly speaking, I do not think you would have good cause to quit merely because you've been offered a job with more responsibilities, but the precise nature of the added responsibilities might cause the offer to be for "unsuitable work" if they are not giving you the option to remain employed as the assistant coach.

I'm also wondering if as an assistant softball coach for a division 2 college, you have an "employment contract"?

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