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The income I reported for a week was different than what the employer paid.

by R L
(Los Angeles, CA)

I had been receiving $245 on my claim, but was taking work whenever I could and reporting it as required. I took a commission job as a courier, and although I knew what percentage I would be paid I did not know how much the employer was charging their customers. Each job had a different amount. I made my best guess when submitting my CA EDD forms, but the first week I estimated $41 low, the 2nd wk 77 low, the 3rd wk 20 low, the 4th wk 52 high, the 5th wk 86 high. My old car expired and they would not put me into another position for which I would not need my own car. I have a 2nd interview w/ EDD coming up. I want to make sure I'm not accused of fraud. What can I do?

Explain the pay structure .. and that you did not intentionally under report .. explain why.

But here's what I'm wondering .. why you did not take care of it when you did get paid by reporting it the next time you file .. or by contacting the EDD at that time you became aware you under reported??

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