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The job moved to another state and now after two years they want to change my hours

by Nikki

The job moved to another state and now after two years they want to change my hours of work that made it possible for me to continue working for them two years ago.

I worked in the NYC, our company moved us to NJ, upon moving to Jersey I explained to my manager that the commute was now 1 hour and 45 minutes, oppose to 45 minutes, and there was no way I could make it at 8:30am when my child's school opens at 7:45am. My manager asked that I stay at the job and she would change my hours to 9:30-9:45am. I agreed and worked this way for 2 years. My manager left, and my new manager will not accommodate the hours stating that I either get in at 8:30am or resign. If I hand in my resignation, would that be good cause? I have no other options. Also, is it true that in 2011 they are going to abolish unemployment all together for those who resign, even with good cause?


Yes, I think I could get unemployment because the new manager is changing the conditions of employment which has been in place for two years now and what made it possible to continue in the employment when they changed locations.

Make sure you document everything so it is clear that the employer has refused to offer any other "reasonable" solutions to
this problem they are creating for you by changing your hours.

I'm sure to make it work .. it could be a HUGE and additional financial burden .. if you investigate what the cost might be .. and I suggest you do this .. and document it of course.

Now onto what I hope is a "trick question" you dropped ..

Where did you see, hear, or read that they were going to abolish unemployment for all quits whether with good cause or not?

If that were to come to pass and Americans didn't take to the streets in protest .. I'd be moving to some damn cave to get away from everyone .. because I would feel like I was living in a country full of mindless zombies!!!

No, I'm not given to overstatement:)

It would be a F*****G ridiculous idea that could only be being proposed by corporate America or their politician puppets to keep us more under their thumbs!!!!

For crying out loud the third quarter earnings for 2010 was one of the best quarters on record for corporate earnings .. They just won't be happy until they turn America into another third world country willing to work for peanuts.

I am pissed about the tax bill that just passed. Problem is .. Washington just keeps giving them more and more cake to eat and they just keep getting fatter and fatter.

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