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There is something available at It's called "How to get Approved for Unemployment Benefits When you Quit your Job. It's $ 29. Is there anything to it?? Thank You

by rich resnicoff
(Aston, PA)

There really is no story. I am nearing retirement age and am very tired of working. I've been working my whole life and would like to collect unemployment insurance until social security kicks in. Does this make me a bad person?

Thank You

Hi Rich,

What? Is this your sales page?:)

I've seen it. I have not bought it. If I ever get enough donations I would use some of that money to buy and review these pie in the sky books.

I didn't start this website to help people "get over" on a system that carries punishments for unemployment fraud of up to 15 years in prison (30 days per illegally claimed week in PA).

No, I don't think you're a bad person for wishing you could collect unemployment until SSI kicks in .. most of us feel the same way after working for 40, 50, or 60 years, but I would have grave doubts about your character if you actually acted upon it without valid legal reasons. I'd also have doubts about anyone's intelligence who was willing to lie knowing full well what the possible punishments are for fraud.

By the way, on that sales page .. he claims that he met someone from the "unemployment department" who "fights unemployment claims". Nobody working for the unemployment department "fights claims" .. they decide claims. The people who fight claims work for unemployment cost control companies and they work on behalf of employers.

Hey Rich, if you buy it .. come back and review it by posting a comment.


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Mar 31, 2011
rip off
by: Anonymous

they make it seem like there is some magical phrases or a code word to use. The site says "report" its three pages and the third one is on how to file. I am really not sure how this excuse works, but i have my appeal Monday, so i will see how it goes with my real reasons and if all else fails i will throw in this purchased answer.

There are some phrases that are helpful and useful to know, but most of those have more to do with what not to admit to when a person is fired.

I've bought more than one "guide" to collect unemployment benefits, but one guide can not address all unique circumstances .. or I might even put forth the effort to create my own e-book and give it away free as an incentive to get people to sign up for my newsletter .. but the intention was to help people .. not to give them just enough rope.

Apr 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

The "report" in general is about pay.. which to me makes no sense.. why would you quit a job because you werent making enough money and try to get unemployment benefits which are lower that your regular pay? i feel i have a strong case, I quit my job and wasnt planning on collecting benefits.. but decided its worth a shot to try.

I agree, it's always worth a shot if you prepare a valid argument ..

At least that is the attitude of many employers that terminate people's job for some pretty sketchy reasons and then just call it misconduct.

But to win, them they have to rely on the claimant's ignorance .. which is what I'm trying to change.

I can't help everyone get unemployment, but I can help some if they only knew there was a need to "legally argue" for their right to unemployment benefits.

Pay? That's funny .. it's one of those reasons for quitting I'm always looking for a state decision which provides a "percentage of reduction" that amounts to good cause.

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