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They didn't give me enough time

by charlee
(fort lauderdale, florida)

I recently got fired from my job for attendance. I have missed days of work because of an illness. My supervisor told me that i qualify for fmla and all i had to do was to apply. i did and they told me that i only had 15 days to prove my sickness which was the cause. I was allowed to go home because i was not feeling well and tried to get a doctor's appointment. I could not get one for that thursday, but that following wednesday.

I am thinking ok I know what medicine i need to get better so i will just do that. I went to see a doctor and she told me that the symptoms that i am decribing i might need more test. I got one test done and did not get the results until the day before. It was negative for that so she says i have to do another one. I explained that i can't because i need a response by tomorrow so she said that there is nothing she can do because until she does more testing she cannot write that something is wrong.

Hi Charlee,

Okay, you were fired for attendance. Were all your absences for being sick? Did you follow the call in procedures? Do you have a diagnosis from the doctor yet? That would be helpful.

You can't be qualified for FMLA without medical documentation.

But if you were fired for excessive absenteeism and your absences were due to illness it could be found that the absences were beyond your control and therefore not misconduct.

I think you should follow up with the doctor and see if you can get a diagnosis. That would help.

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Most of my absences were due to my illness and since i got fired on the 28th of marchwhich was on a friday and was out of town my monday i didn't have time to go to the doctor since my insurance was cancellED by tuesday. I followed all procedure and the idea was the manager's idea for me to apply for fmla and take the time to find out what's wrong since " my health was what's important".

Hi Charlee,

Then move forward. File if you haven't already .. appeal if you were denied. Time is of the essence.

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