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They gave me no reason or paper saying i'm fired I just can't go back to work. I requested a leave because I was incarcerated, but found not guilty.

by carolyn
(baltimore md.)

I was recently lockup on march 5,2009 I called my supervisor to inform her of what was taking place I explained to her I need a leave of absent with out pay until april 1,2009 She granted it I came home without being found guilty on march 31,2009 thinking I was going back to my job well she said it's nothing she could do. I said well am I fired she said it's no paper work stating this I said so can I come back to work she said she had to contact the director so I also contacted her also she keep saying let me get back to you, she has yet to call me or give me some type of reason or some type of paper work.

Hi Carolyn,

I'm referring you to the Maryland decision digest to read about discharges due to incarceration.

You'll want to read section B. 4 on this page.

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