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They have an airport transportation business

by Becky
(Fort Myers, Florida, USA)

I was fired because of too many mistakes regarding pick up in am or pm, especially on very busy days. There were several of us who could only go by what the passenger information was that was given to us, but I had just gotten a raise and I was the one let go.

NOW.. when I started working for the company, he made it clear that I was a subcontractor, NOT an employee and of course, now I realize I have to pay a BUNCH of income tax back because taxes were never held back.

There is NOTHING withheld on my behalf from this company. Do I have any unemployment built up from any of the other legitimate companies I've worked for that DID take out unemployment on me? Or am I just sunk?

What should I do? This company is teflon and others have tried to get unemployment from them and have failed. I don't want to be a statistic with them, but I also don't want to incur enemies and they can be powerful.

thanks so much,
Frightened in Fort Myers

Hi Becky,

First question that pops into my head is: How can you be fired and not be an employee?

I suggest you read the PDF entitled "coverage" on this page. Make sure the employer didn't need to make contributions on what they paid you. Just because they said you were a contractor (and they gave you a raise) doesn't mean you weren't an employee. Each state applies a "test" to determine this. The state doesn't like it when an employer tries to get around paying contributions to unemployment.

Florida looks at all wages earned your base period to determine your weekly benefit amount, but it is the separation from the last work that determines whether you can collect unemployment.

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