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they saying miscondut

by lucinda
(waco texas)

they say i was rude to a customer and i was not the mananger wrote a letter he witnessed it all, but he was not there. He was in back of restaurant. The girl was drunk and rude, but i did not throw change at her like they say. How can i fight this.

Hi Lucinda,

You know, it's pretty hard to fight someone willing to lie.

Would you happen to have any witnesses yourself?

Other than that, I think it would be difficult to get an initial determination awarding benefits, but you would have the option of appealing to a hearing.

At the hearing you would just have to put your faith in the hearing officers ability to judge credibility.

Texas hearing officers are lawyers and they have finely tuned BS detectors.

If the manager didn't get a witness statement .. I'd be asking why.

You also have your testimony that the customer was drunk.

I'm asking you how, if the manager was in the back, who told him about the incident?

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